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VLOG —— A New Trend of Chinese social media

Vlog has been trending on China social media since last year. iiMedia Research shows there are around 249 million Vlog audiences in 2019. Social platforms like Weibo, Bilibili and Douyin are all in the main battlefield for Vlog. Compared to other types of videos, the content of Vlog focuses more about real daily life, which makes audiences feel closer and more engaged with the vloggers. Vlogs can be very personalized. Vloggers like to share their personal interests and experiences, not only for entertainment or product recommendation (compared to short video and live streaming). What’s more, 5G internet will give Vlog a great support, encouraging Vlog to become the next wind gap of Chinese social media!

As of April, 2019, the total exposure of Vlog on Bilibili platform has reached 6.29 billion, the total No. of Vlog has increased by 7.5 times, VV (video views) is 4 times more compared to last year. Why is Vlog so popular on Bilibili? Bilibili has been known for its long-form video. Audiences come to Bilibili to watch long informative videos. Compared to other platforms, Bilibili users are more engaged and attached to the bloggers. When these bloggers start to share their daily life through Vlogs, audiences are more than willing to watch. The content of Vlog can be very personal, not only including Vloggers’ daily life / work / study, but also food / travel / pets, even personal emotions or important life choices. In the mean time, Bilibili has been trying to push Vlog since last year. On 31 May this year, Bilibili launched a “Vlog Star Program” to push Vlog by providing RMB 1 million as award every month and more than 50 billion traffic support to vloggers. The platform also created a system to give Vloggers certifications. In the future, we can expect more collaborations between the platform and vloggers. and more premium content.


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