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International Beauty Brands Official Accounts on RED

Compared to the figures in February this year, among all international beauty brands, I see MAC, Lancome and Make Up Forever are developing their brand accounts rapidly on RED/ XiaoHongShu. Today let’s look closely on what they have done during these 5 months.

1. User Engagement Campaign

All 3 brands have launched many user engagement campaigns. MAC has run 9 lucky draw games since March, which means at least 1 campaign every 2 weeks. MAKE UP FOREVER has nearly 1 game for each week.

2. More video posts

Almost all of MAC’s video posts are after Feb. 2019. Since this March, nearly 1 out of 2 posts is a video post. Videos of make up tips are especially popular.

3. Collaborate with the right KOL and celebrities

MAKE UP FOREVER’s account boomed after the collaboration with the top 1 lipstick KOL @李佳琦Austin and a celebrity @欧阳娜娜. They also invited a lot of local RED KOLs to test the product and reuse their content.


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