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Weibo's new social platform that's similar to RED - OASIS

Weibo launching new APP OASIS last week has been huge news. Although it’s still a beta version, many brands already started to plan marketing campaigns on it. 2 days after its launch, OASIS was pulled down from iOS App Store because of copyright issues of its logo. After changing the logo, now the APP is back.

Many people say OASIS is too similar to Instagram and RED. The default home page is following page, which is similar to Instagram. The explore feed page is a Pinterest-like layout, which is similar to RED. You can use your Weibo to log in and your friends and followers will automatically sync here.

What’s more, OASIS has a new function called “DROPS”, which is similar to Alipay’s Ants Forest. You can collect more drops if you are actively engaged on OASIS and these drops will be used to exchange gifts, points or privilege in the future.

Why does Weibo need OASIS?

According to Weibo’s financial report in 2nd quarter of 2019, the growth rate of its net revenue dropped by 1% and net profit dropped by 26.9%. Weibo has been accused of being too commercialized with too many sponsor ads and too much fake traffic. Weibo is looking for a new point of growth. Will OASIS become its next growth point?


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