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Is RED right for Auto Brand?

If you own an auto brand, is RED/XiaoHongShu the right platform for you?

LYNK is one of the first auto brands launched on RED. So far its brand account has got over 3000 followers. What do they post to engage with followers? Definitely not all about cars! For example, travel tips if you want to go on a road trip, song list for driving, how to take cool wedding photos with a car etc. They even launched a campaign - post your favorite T-shirt outfit and win a tailor made LYNK T-shirt.

Recently Tesla is also doing similar things - there is a reservation button for test drive under its RED official account - a tailor-made function for Tesla, as it would be more practical to sell cars offline so online channels will be more suitable to sell experience.

Not only auto brands, but also other brands that sell services, such as education facilities, gyms or photo shooting services etc. can benefit from this special function.


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