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How New Brands Take Part in 11.11. (Double 11) through XiaoHongShu?

All major brands, top KOLs and global celebrities are involved in this major online sales festival. If you are a new brand or are looking to start selling into China don’t miss this opportunity in taking part in Double11. Xiaohongshu is one of the top growing platforms for e-commerce and would be a suitable platform to create an online shop in time for 11.11. Here is as simple but effective guide for you to get started!

Create a Base from Where Consumers Can Shop

"Your overseas entity is simply enough to open your shop on XiaoHongShu"

Launching your online shop on Xiaohongshu may be a good option. If you are an overseas brand you do not need a Chinese bank to do this, your overseas entity is simply enough. Setting up a shop on other big platforms requires a larger initial deposit and a team of people to operate the shop unlike Xiaohongshu where setting up a shop has minimal entry barriers and a lower deposit. Based on our experience working with our brands, they can get their shops up and running within a month or less.

Build your Brand Presence

"Whether or not you have a shop on Xiaohongshu, everyone can market their brands on this platform."

Because of the high quality of Xiaohongshu users which include 80% of millennials who look to buy high quality and unique products, if a brand or company has their own website or are selling on other platforms other than Xiaohongshu, they can still market on this platform. One of the main features on Xiaohongshu is that the KOLs promote products that create word of mouth for the brand. The platform is very content driven and Xiaohongshu encourages the posting of a minimal amount of adds, they focus on sharing something not selling something.Through this a large sum of people start talking about your brand which is crucial for creating an online presence in the market which is important for a new brand. Additionally, users who frequently post quality content will start to grow a following of other users who see them as shopping experts and turn to them for advice.

Incorporate “Daily Life” Sharing

Similar to other social media platforms, there are a certain amount of influential KOLs which you can use to create word of mouth or promote your product. On Xiaohongshu if you are looking to create successful KOL promotions, it needs to be content driven, not hard selling.

"Here is how a TOP XiaoHongShu KOL promote..."

One of the most famous KOLs on Xiaohongshu is @Ritatawang who has over 2.6 million followers and is undeniably one of the most influential KOLs on Xiaohongshu. One of her posts was about a weight loss enzyme, however she did not promote this product in a conventional way. She instead talked about her overall fat loss journey, lifestyle and exercise routine. The post was very personal in which she also talked about her body genetics, other methods she has previously tried to lose weight. In the comments of her post, people were interested about the enzyme product she mentioned, hence effectively creating word of mouth for this brand. Nowadays people are tired of conventional adverts focusing on the function of the product, instead the aspect of “daily life” immensely intrigues them and how these products can be used in someone’s daily life and this will capture the attention of Xiaohongshu users. 

If you want to start selling into China, November’s Singles day can definitely be a part of your sales strategy. Timing and preparation are crucial to achieve online sales success during this shopping festival. Good luck!


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